The Walking Dead Compendium One

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Review
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The Walking DeadYeee!

The Dead Have Never Been So Alive!

Collecting issues #’s 1-48 (that’s right, FORTY… EIGHT) of TWD, this is the biggest chunk of rotting goodness you can get for thirty-seven bucks. This sprawling tale, which is really more about the emotional and psychological toll an apocalyptic event has on Rick Grimes and the somewhat revolving cast (mu-ha-ha!) than the titular zombies. But, do not fear if it’s zombies you’re after. Even if they aren’t there (and when they are, watch it, bub, because, chances are somebody’s gonna die!) their presence looms like the gathering dark over anything that’s happening in the story–whether it be marital unfaithfulness or crazed survivors. The AMC show has been really amazing, but nothing beats the original series by Robert Kirkman with beautiful art by Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn and Tony Moore. Take my advice. Read it, see it, have nightmares about it.


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