Posted: November 15, 2012 in Writing
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I just finished what I hope to be one of the later drafts of a book I’ve been working on for the last three years (way too long, even for a Graduate student). It’s at the stage that I am finally willing to let it hobble out of the nest I’ve so carefully cared for it in for so long a time and into the hands of others to read. Beta readers, they call them. (Me being the Alpha, which I like, because wolves are cool… and also, I’m hairy.) I have yet to hear from one of these Betas, (nor do I expect to as it’s only been a few days) but I hope when I do I hear truth.

As people, we are both afraid to give truthful feedback (therefore producing those non-talented people on American Idol whose parents told them they had the voice of an Angel, no doubt) and we do not like to receive it (see those self-same people after they are told the truth, although not always in the best of ways.) To be a writer you’re going to have to accept that there’s going to be a lot of rejection and that some of it is even going to be from people who know what they’re talking about. So forget everything Barney the Dinosaur told you about wishing making it so and all that positive thinking nonsense that disavows anything having to do with hard work and challenges. That’s called life. Not just the writing life–Life. It isn’t always easy. It doesn’t always go your way. But there is love. There is friendship. There are sunsets everyday, like clockwork, and for those so inclined, there is that wonderfully fearful blank page that so much joy can be derived from. That page that we can use all of that rejection, pain, joy and peace that life throws our way to tell stories that are more real than real and more truthful than true.

  1. yellowjac says:

    Don’t let the ‘more-on’s’ get to you! Do the best you can and enjoy what you write, It’s you who have what it takes always in your head just waiting to come out, start writing..Good Luck. Will

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