Tweet for your Life

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Other Stuff
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I heard someone who admitted to never having been a member of the 140 character wonder that is Twitter talking about the inanity of the social network.  Others talk about how pages like Facebook are ruining our social skills.  I say that our social skills are all but nonexistent as it is.  Everyone I know (including me) is oh, so busy with their lives that we no longer have time for friends or family.  We have cursory relationships with our spouses and children, at best, and—even though we spend twenty-four hours a day with ourselves, we barely take care of us.

Maybe things like Facebook and Twitter are the scraps we let ourselves have of human contact.  We joke about those who post ad infinitum about what they’re eating for lunch or the fact that their genius child ate all of his veggies.  But I think we secretly devour even the least of our friend’s posts.  We vicariously feel the humor and excitement of that moment they found worthy enough to type out for their small circle of friends to see.

We’re obsessed with reality television shows because, perhaps, we don’t fell like what we have around us is reality.  We thrive on stories of foods we’ll never eat and out of control men and women we can pretend are a part of our lives to make us more interesting, whether we dislike them or not.  I pray that one day it won’t be enough again.  That we will crawl out of the selfish hidey-holes we’ve cocooned ourselves in and actually give a damn about relationships once more.

I’m hungry.  I’m hungry for someone to sit around, smoke a pipe (what?  I could take up pipe smoking.  You don’t know!) and talk about art, music, and the longings of our souls.  I think sometimes a social network is just a social network, to co-opt Freud, but I also think it may signify a hidden hunger in us for human contact that we (yes, we) and our current society has told us is nigh impossible to have.

So… I’m hungry.  How about you?


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