You’d Be Surprised.

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Essays, Writing
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Try New Things!

Try New Things!

“You’d be surprised what you want to know that you don’t know you want to know.” I said this jokingly, but it makes me think about how we label things and how that keeps us from experience. I don’t like sports, for instance. But the reasons I don’t like sports are mostly social for me. It is, in my experience, the same reason those who like sports, who dress in their team’s jerseys and know by heart the batting average of their most enjoyed player, frown and furrow their brow at the comic collector or the science fiction fanatic.

Without having to explain that of course I know there is overlap and that there are sports fans who also search for rare Mego dolls in their spare time and geeks who erupt like sports volcanoes when their team crosses a line or puts a ball in a predetermined area. Because you know I know that. Because that’s not what this is about. It’s not at all about the lines that we make, the clearly drawn boxes that we choose to live in that proudly declare we are in this camp or another–the music we listen to and the rims we choose to house our eye-seeing apparatuses within, for instance. It’s about what’s outside those lines.

Maybe, if I didn’t identify an abstract thing so heavily with a culture or group that I feel is against me, or anti-me, or bizarro me, then I might actually find some measure of joy in it. I wonder, if I could put all of my preconceived notions aside and hear it for the first time, if I might find something useful and provocative about what Country music has to offer—as a form, a medium, a voice. I am at once curious if listening to my enemy might invite some bit of wisdom I have insofar refused to hear. It makes me want to refuse to refuse, if you know what I mean. It makes me want to seek out the jock and the cheerleader equivalents of the grown-up world, take their hands and go where they lead me for a while. It makes me want to lose myself in that which I have eschewed. It does. But, even in this, this waking up to the world at large; this expansion of my horizons that I had led myself to believe were wide open but weren’t, I’m afraid even this would still not make me like Twilight any more.


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