Super Fan

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

I was on Pinterest the other day (for, um… medical reasons). Between all the recipes involving quinoa and, well, this, I saw a pin that made me think. A fan had posted a picture of the movie versions of characters from what I assume is their favorite book series (So far, so good). Below these random stills from the movie, the pinner had written, if you don’t know these people right away, you’re not a part of this fandom.

For a moment, I felt a twinge of guilt. Because I am a fan of that series and I did not recognize the pictures right away. Admittedly, it isn’t the fandom that I’m into the most, but I appreciate it and those involved in its creation. So, after shrugging off that bit of silly guilt, I began to ask myself why we do that. What is it that creates in us the desire to down those who might only be peripherally involved in the things that we adore.

I remember a day when, for instance, comic books weren’t a widely accepted phenomena. I’ve liked comics since I was a kid. My brother collected them and I used to drool over those four-color beauties. So, when I was old enough, I began to collect as well. Whenever I would meet anyone who was even slightly interested in the X-Men or knew who Sandman was, I would get giddy. Even if they didn’t know unimportant character bio information or couldn’t name all of my favorite character’s aliases. I just enjoyed the fact that there was someone who, in some way, enjoyed what I enjoyed. We were suddenly family.

Our kind have whined for years that other people just don’t know what good is. So, now that others have recognized that there is worth in these things we love, we have become jealous to share them. We are not happy to spend our time reveling in the fact that its now so easy to find like minds. We’re not pleased with the idea that there are oodles of websites and gobs of podcasts to sate our geeky thirsts like never before. Instead of opening our arms wide and smiling our orthodontically corrected smiles, embracing even the smallest contributor to our fandom’s success, we find reasons to dislike them.

Because, the facts are these: The more people that like something, the longer it will continue to be made. The more of that something there is, the more we can own. Last, but certainly not least, the bigger the fandom, the more our favorite creators will make to support their families. (We want them to live long, happy and productive lives.) So, I say, stop trying to prove your the best type of fan and rejoice in the fact that your fandom’s so big that fans now come in all, equally acceptable sizes. In short, stop categorizing fans into demeaning levels and be a better fandom, be a family.


Because I matter too!


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