It’s a Powerful Thing

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
The data seems to suggest that no matter your education level on a given issue, you generally do not make rational decisions based on the facts of that issue. Instead, we tend to ‘feel’ our way into a choice, generally based on our already established beliefs and that of our social connections (friends, family, etc). So, chances are, you and I couldn’t even win a genuine, facts-based argument about most of the things we think we support so deeply (Sarcasm isn’t winning). In short, we make a quick choices based on an irrational, gut-feeling and then ‘back them up’ by picking and choosing arguments that fit those preconceived notions along the way. You want to blame someone for the cruddy shape of things? For the lack of quality and concern for ourselves and others we see every single day? It’s my fault, and yours. Think for yourself. It’s a powerful thing.

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